UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Indian cricketer, Mohammed Shami, is charged with attempted murder, following a complaint from his wife.

On March 8, Hasin Jahan filed a letter of complaint to the police about her husband. She reportedly said he tried to poison her and she was physically attacked.

Police say the cricketer has since been charged with domestic violence, rape, attempted murder and criminal intimidation. Jahan has also accused him of match-fixing and adultery.

Shami denies all of the charges and says it is a conspiracy against him, but according to the BBC, he could face 10 years or more in prison if found guilty.

Meanwhile, Jahan has also filed a rape complaint against Shami’s brother and a handful of complaints against three others.

Since 2012, Shami has represented India nearly 90 times, This week, however, the Board of Control for Cricket in India dropped him from the national team.