UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Levi’s is changing the way it puts the finishing touches on its jeans.  

The American clothing company known worldwide for its denim has begun to use lasers to make jeans look worn out and distressed.

Workers creating the distressed look on jeans would be exposed to chemicals and sanders.

But the new machines, titled Project F.L.X., use infrared light to take off a layer.

Levi’s recently debuted a video showing the process on its website.

This process, which would take a person up to half an hour, takes only seconds with the lasers.

It will also help the latest designs hit the market faster.

The company’s chief supply chain officer and senior vice president, Liz O’Neill, called this technology a “game-changer.”

Levi’s said this is also a step to achieve no use of hazardous chemicals in its manufacturing and use only sustainable cotton by 2025.