UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Tens of thousands of dead starfish have washed up on British beaches, following the country’s unusual weather last week.

The “Beast from the East” and Storm Emma brought temperatures to below freezing, and wildlife expert Bex Lynam told the Guardian this will have caused the marine life to “hunker down and reduce their activity levels.”

When marine life does this, it becomes vulnerable to rough seas and can get washed ashore in large waves.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust posted pictures of the dead on Holderness Coast in Yorkshire on Twitter March 5, and similar scenes were also reported in Kent and Norfolk over the weekend.

Among the starfish, mussels, crabs and lobster were also found on the beaches.

Some of the lobsters survived the ordeal, and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust rescued them in buckets. They will reportedly be put back in the sea when the weather improves.