UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the U.K. are not having the best couple of weeks.

First, it was a chicken shortage, and now they are low on gravy.

On Feb. 28, the owner of KFC, Yum Brands, confirmed KFC restaurants in the U.K., were suffering from a sauce shortage, and in a statement, the restaurant firm said they were working on fixing the “saucy problem.”

The lack of gravy seems to be tied back to the chain recently switching its distribution companies.

The company changed distributors from Bidvest Logistics to DHL a couple of weeks ago, and, according to DHL, it was having operational issues at one of its warehouses.

Yum Brands said 97 percent of the region’s KFC restaurants have re-opened, but some are only offering limited menus.

During KFC’s chicken shortage, the company took out a full-page newspaper advertisement apologizing to customers in the U.K.