UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The world’s tallest hotel is now open for business.

It’s called the Gevora, and it stands 356 meters high amid the already imposing Dubai skyline.

That’s over 10 meters taller than the previous record holder, the JW Marriott, which is also in Dubai.

In fact, the Khaleej Times points out that Dubai is home to seven of the world’s 10 tallest hotels.

Guests checking into the Gevora will be greeted by gold-plated luxury. A quick scan of hotel’s Facebook page reveals spectacular rooftop views as well as a pool that would make an ocean jealous.

The Gevora’s statuesque appearance reminds some folks of London’s Big Ben, but it’s actually more than three times as tall.

According to the Gulf News, a room at the Gevora will run you anywhere from 600 UAE dirham to 2,000 UAE dirham. At current exchange rates, that’s roughly $160 to $550.

The project reportedly took four years to complete.