UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Doctors found a snail living inside a little boy’s skin.

Pediatricians in Los Angeles said the 11-year-old boy scraped his elbow while visiting a tide pool on a California beach.

He was taken to the hospital about a week later when his wouldn’t heal.

An article recently published BMJ Case Reports says doctors were treating the skin injury when they found a very small, hard object.

It turned out to be a checkered periwinkle marine snail. And it was still alive.

Doctors think a snail egg was pushed into the boy’s skin when he scraped it and that egg later hatched.

Despite what doctors called the “hostile environment of a skin abscess,” the little mollusk was able to survive.

The boy even took it home as a pet. Though, the snail seemed to have gotten used to its fleshy home because the boy’s parents said it died a day later.