UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

But what about a dog-like robot?

Well, if the latest video from robotics pioneer Boston Dynamics is any indication… you can.

SpotMini, as it’s called, is apparently housebroken.

Check out this video Boston Dynamics posted Feb. 12 on YouTube.

The first SpotMini trots up to a closed door and realizes it can go no further.

Soon another quadruped robot comes prancing in from stage right. But this one has any extra arm… or claw… or really scary giraffe-like neck (whatever you want to call it) that grabs the handle and turns.

It even chivalrously holds the door open for its less-evolved robotic pal.  

Boston Dynamics also made headlines in November, when its humanoid Atlas robot stuck the landing on a backflip.

Google parent company Alphabet Inc. agreed to sell Boston Dynamics to Tokyo-based SoftBank last year. However, Forbes points out that transaction is currently held up in regulatory limbo.