UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — An American passenger flushed her emotional support hamster down the toilet after finding out she couldn’t fly with it

Belen Aldecosea, 21, was trying to fly on Spirit Airlines last year, with her pet hamster, Pebbles. When Aldecosea went to board the flight, however, Pebbles was denied.

Aldecosea got Pebbles to help her deal with a cancer scare and she said the airline had confirmed ahead of time that she could fly with it, but an employee at the gate would not let Pebbles on.

According to Spirit, Aldecosea was offered a later flight so she could manage the situation. Aldecosea, however, claims they advised her to flush it down the toilet. She said she was scared and it was “horrifying”.

The airline denies an employee recommended the hamster be disposed of in a toilet.

Aldecosea has since hired a lawyer and is considering filing a lawsuit.