UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The Philippine Army killed three suspected members of the Maute group in a shootout on Feb. 8.

The Maute group and Abu Sayyaf, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, seized large parts of the southern city of Marawi last year resulting in a five-month siege by security forces.

Soldiers were trying to apprehend Omar Mustapha Daiser, a fugitive who was imprisoned in Marawi before being freed by the Maute when they took over in May.

The military tracked Daiser to his hideout in the town of Pantar, just outside Marawi, when the suspects allegedly opened fire.

No troops were injured in the fighting.

The army recovered four assault rifles, a grenade launcher and a pistol stolen from the Philippine National Police as well as plenty of ammunition from the suspects’ hideout.