UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A New York City boy has died after rescuing his friend from an icy pond.

The boys were playing in a Queens park when one of them fell through thin ice.

Eleven-year-old Anthony Perez reportedly jumped in after his friend and successfully pushed the 12-year-old to safety. But then Anthony got stuck.

Firefighters stripped down and dove in looking for the boy. Once they located him, they punched through the ice and pulled him to shore.

Anthony was rushed to the hospital, but soon pronounced dead.

His neighbors will remember Anthony fondly. One of them told the New York Post, “He’s a hero.”

Meanwhile, the two firefighters who jumped in after the young hero on Tuesday, Feb. 6, were treated for hypothermia.

The New York City Fire Department is now imploring residents to tell their children there’s no such thing as safe ice.