UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL – Norway’s Olympic team was done over hard last week when ordering eggs for their athletes.

The team’s chef thought he had ordered 1,500 eggs, but his order must have got scrambled in translation, as 15,000 turned up instead. There are only 109 Norwegian athletes competing in this year’s Olympics.

Halvor Lea, a spokesperson for the team, told reporters the order was made through Google Translate, and it wasn’t until the delivery truck arrived that they realized the mistake.

They can look on the sunny side up. The grocery store accepted there was an error and took the unwanted eggs back.

The competition in Pyeongchang is now underway, and experts predict Norway will have an “eggscellent” games. In 2014, they finished second in the medal table behind Russia, and with the absence of the Russian national team this year — and a little “eggstra” protein — they could finish on top.

For United News International, I’m Rachael Latham.