UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The last dinosaurs ever to walk the Earth might have lived their final days breathing in volcanic ash.

New research suggests the massive asteroid that struck the Earth some 66 million years ago caused a global earthquake that triggered volcanoes.

A new report published in the journal Science Advances found large amounts of magma on the ocean floor that dated within a million years of the asteroid impact.

If underwater volcanoes were acting up, chances are those on land were as well — or they may have at least gotten worse.

Some scientists are skeptical of the new findings because we don’t know exactly when underwater volcanoes were spitting up extra magma.

This could mean they erupted long before or long after the asteroid’s impact.

Still, the end-of-days for most species alive at the time would have been hellish, what with the wildfires, global cooling and acid rain.