UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Footage of what appears to be a two-headed snake in China has created a buzz among netizens.

The video of the unusual reptile was captured on Feb. 1.

The man who discovered it, reported as Mr. Yang, said he found the 20-centimeter long snake while taking a walk in a park in Qingyuan, Zhejiang Province.

The footage shows the snake moving on the ground as Mr. Yang pokes at it with a stick.

At first, it appears to look like a normal snake until it starts to slither revealing a possible second head.

The Qingyuan Forestry Police noted the reptile could be a Northern Reed Snake.

The tail of the Northern Reed Snake has a pattern of color markings similar to its head causing some to mistake it for having two heads.

The Northern Reed Snake is common to areas of Vietnam and China.