UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — An 18-month-old baby from Georgia has become the first baby with Down’s-syndrome to represent the food brand Gerber.

Gerber selects one baby every year to market and represent its brand and this year Lucas Warren was selected.

Many have reacted positively to the announcement. The U.S’s National Down’s Syndrome Society tweeted Feb. 7, congratulating Lucas and relatives of people with Down’s syndrome have also shown their support on social media.

One mother, however, tweeted asking if Gerber will now start insuring babies with Down’s-syndrome, as she said her baby was denied insurance coverage in the past. A spokesperson for Gerber, however, refused to comment on individual cases when asked about it by the BBC.

Lucas was picked from 140,000 other entries and Gerber’s CEO, Bill Partyka, told reporters he’s, “the perfect fit.”

Gerber says it hopes the decision will help social acceptance of people with disabilities.