UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Will a trademark dispute ruin the cachet of Christian Louboutin’s iconic red-soled shoes?

Celebrities from Rihanna to Kate Winslet have rocked red carpets wearing Louboutin heels; rapper Cardi B reminded us how expensive her “bloody shoes” were in the No. 1 hit “Bodak Yellow”; and singer Jennifer Lopez was insistently throwing on her “Louboutins” in a song by the same name.

This is high-end footwear: even a classic black pump will set you back $675.

But a six-year-old legal battle threatens to flood the market with red-soled knockoffs.

Louboutin and Dutch company Van Haren are at odds over whether Louboutin’s trademark is valid under European law.

An advocate general for the European Court of Justice recently issued an opinion that says such a trademark could indeed be declared invalid in the EU.

While the legal fight’s not over yet, Reuters points out that judges usually follow the advocate general’s advice.