UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Health officials in India say a fake doctor possibly infected at least 21 people with HIV in the northern town of Bangarmau.

Now police are looking for Rajendra Yadav, estimated to be in his 30s after he allegedly used contaminated needles and syringes. A medical official said Yadav would bike to villages and treat people for small payments.

Authorities say he could be charged with negligence or practicing medicine without registration. Emergency medical camps were set up after many reported to have HIV in the area.

Out of 566 people examined, 21 cases came back HIV positive.

The Associated Press reported villagers said they did not see Yadav change needles, leading health officials to believe that is what led to the spread of HIV.

India is facing a shortage of medical services, including doctors, while millions are reported to see fake practitioners for cheaper treatment.