UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The new chief executive of easyJet has taken a voluntary pay cut to show his commitment to closing the gender pay gap.

Johan Lundgren’s annual salary used to be £740,000, but he’s slashing it to £706,000 (or a little under $1 million) to match what his predecessor, Carolyn McCall, made when she left easyJet.

In a Jan. 29 statement, Lundgren said, “At easyJet we are absolutely committed to giving equal pay and equal opportunity for women and men.”

The overall gender pay gap at the Britain-based airline is nearly 52 percent, but that’s because pilots make a lot of money and the vast majority of pilots are men.

By 2020, the company wants 20 percent of new pilots to be women.

As for McCall, she took a job making even more money — £900,000 — as CEO of British broadcaster ITV.