UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A Cuban teenager has died, days after having a tumor the size of a basketball removed from his face.

Emanual Zayes, 14, suffered from polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, which causes the body to develop scar-like tissue instead of bone.

Emanual’s tumor was benign but American doctors were worried that it could suffocate him or break his neck. It started growing three years ago and by the time of his operation, it weighed 10 pounds.

On Jan. 19, a few days after a successful removal operation, Emanual died from kidney and lung complications. His doctors in Miami told reporters the boy’s body could not handle the stress of the operation.

His parents have donated Emanual’s remains to science, with the goal to learn more about his growth. They have also thanked everyone who raised money for Emanual, to travel to the U.S, to receive treatment.