UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The U.K.’s royal family allegedly kept their crown jewels in a cookie jar during World War II.

The BBC recently filmed a documentary with Queen Elizabeth II about her coronation, and during the interview, the presenter, Alastair Bruce, surprised the queen with the cookie jar details.

The queen’s father, George VI, was the king during WWII and, according to Bruce, the king ordered the jewels to be buried in a cookie jar to stop them from falling into Nazi hands.

The jewels that were hidden included a ruby from the Imperial State Crown, which the queen wore on her coronation.

The secret burial was discovered in letters exchanged between a royal librarian and the queen’s grandmother. The queen said she was unaware of this piece of history. However, she did spill the beans on how heavy the crown is, saying if you look down “your neck would break.”