UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A British butcher claims a slab of frozen black pudding recently saved his life.

Black pudding is pig’s blood packed into a sausage.

Chris McCabe said his shop’s freezer door was slammed shut by the wind and he was trapped inside. The freezer box was minus 20 degrees Celsius and no one could hear him banging. Even the safety button was frozen, and in temperatures as low as that, a human can die in less than an hour.

McCabe said he found a block of black pudding weighing nearly 3.5lbs and rammed it into the door, breaking the ice on the catch and setting him free. He told the BBC, “I sell nice frozen burgers, but you don’t want to buy a frozen butcher”.

McCabe describes himself as lucky, as the lifesaving black pudding was his last one in stock.